Housing Support

Cahira provides a flexible, person centred approach to women, over 16 years, who have experienced significant trauma relating directly to childhood sexual abuse/exploitation, sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence; including sexual exploitation.

We are based in West Central Scotland, offering hope, care and support to women at risk, enabling them to regain their dignity and restoring their self-worth. We seek to do this by providing safe housing and offering opportunities for physical and psychological healing, rehabilitation and protection to the women in our care.

Cahira seeks to provide a secure, healthy and comfortable home environment, where survivors of sexual exploitation can find a place of rest to recover from their traumatic experiences.

Rebuilding is the process of renewing a broken life. Our aim is to walk with her on her journey through recovery, help her to gather resources for her future and support her to live in sustainable freedom and purpose.

Our housing support service is registered with the Care Inspectorate and we have space for six women to stay within Cahira, all rooms are individual, en-suite and secure. We have a communal kitchen, living space and access to highly trained staff seven days a week. An on-call system is also in place for emergencies, ensuring that the women can access support any time; day or night.

Housing SupportHousing Support

What is offered?

Our aim is to create an open, caring and equal therapeutic space, focusing on the holistic needs of the women. With relationship at the centre of everything we do, we believe this enables them to find their voices and feel confident to have their needs expressed and listened to. This model provides women with opportunities throughout the day; evening and weekends, to develop and practice skills, supported by highly trained care practitioners. Cahira also offer access to therapists, counsellors, appropriate learning/education and social enterprising. Some key aspects that are intrinsic to what the women will experience are:

  • Person Centeredness
  • Holistic learning
  • Risk competence
  • Participation
  • Positive experiences

The department can expect a comprehensive weekly synopsis, notification of any incidents within a 4hr window, a high and professional level of communication and excellent service delivery. As mentioned, Cahira offers various forms of therapy and counselling and the women would have the opportunity to engage in interventions that are appropriate, relevant and delivered by professionally trained counsellors and therapists. This is inclusive of the weekly costing.

We would hope and expect the women to engage in support groups and a mentoring project, focusing on our three core principles of Recover, Restoreand Rebuild. Regular individual sessions with their case worker are also part of life at Cahira to ensure holistic needs are fully metand expressed needs are listened to.

We offer placements through a referral process and initially an eight-week assessment to ensure that Cahira is the best possible place to support each individual. We would consult with each local authority / key agency throughout the eight-week period and then hold a review at the end of this to agree of a plan of support moving forward with six monthly reviews.

A bespoke education program ‘Engage’ is also available for all women to participate in. They will have access to technology such as an iPad/laptop with a broad range of curriculum available. Emphasis on practical learning, citizenship and health and wellbeing with a focus of real and meaningful outcomes and long term future success. Through secure and safe networking people will have access to our tutor, on-line; with course work uploaded, submitted and feedback given–along with a discussion forum and the ability for people to share her achievements and certificates with relevant people such as her family and friends. People will have a unique log in where she will find certificates, stories, pictures and comments of her time with Cahira, she will continue to have access to this even when they leave Cahira; as this will offer an understanding and memories of her time here.

Women will be supported to receive recognition for their achievements and although this will not be within a classroom setting – they all can work towards the equivalent of a national 5 award, working together with the same goal of better outcomes and successful, positive destinations for all.

We recognise the risk and related stress of transitions for the women and therefore offer a community support service, were we are committed to assist and empower the women when they are ready to move on to their own tenancy. Staff will continue practical and emotional support for as longs as it takes for each individual. Access to our counselling and therapeutic services would also continue, along with learning and educational support.

Support Hours: Accommodation

9:30am – 9pm Monday – Sunday
There is also a 24 hour on call service for emergencies.

Successful Outcomes

We believe that everyone has the intrinsic right to a positive destination and the opportunity to make sense of past hurts and trauma. Successful outcomes will be different for the women, but we pride ourselves in attempting to respond to each identified and expressed need. Our aim is that women will leave Cahira will the following:

  • More resilience
  • An understanding of past trauma
  • Physical and psychological healing
  • The ability to keep safe
    • Identifying safe and unsafe relationships
    • Making good decisions
    • Asking for help and where to find it
  • Self-esteem and self-image improved
  • A real, tangible sense of hope and a future
  • Qualifications that are recognized
  • Life skills to help maintain a new tenancy

Ultimately that the women are not further exploited and are able to experience safe relationships and move forward with their lives becoming confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

Making a referral?

Referrals are made by the women themselves, organisations/projects currently working with women and local authorities. We would ask that contact is made in the first instance with April Campbell (Service Manager) on the details below.

Referral Criteria

  • Female aged 16+
  • Disclosure of childhood sexual abuse/exploitation, sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence; including sexual exploitation.
  • Women at risk to sexual exploitation, and as a result could lead to, drug/alcohol misuse, eating disorders, and other mental health problems.
  • Experienced sexual abuse/violence or exploitation
  • Ability or willingness to live in a shared environment
  • Willingness to engage with project staff on issues identified through referral and/or journey with Cahira.
  • Initial referral pack and risk assessment completed by referring agency

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